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Our students bring us their experiences and we all grow together from them. We help each other learn and everyone benefits. With better English comes greater job opportunities, more social relationships, increased knowledge about how to live in America, and the best possible life.

Bringing the world together with English.

"Learning a new language is a huge challenge, and I think the best way to do it is by sharing experiences with other people. You can find that opportunity here in Build my English, because the whole process is focused on real conversations of daily life. The method helps you to learn American expressions, which is  very important to improve your English and understand the culture. I got to meet an amazing teachers team and wonderful classmates. I'm very thankful for the opportunity to study at Build My English."

Fabiola O. from Chile

I'm so glad I found "Build My English"! The teachers are truly passionate, the atmosphere is very friendly and the prices are definitely affordable.
Coming from France and living in LA with other French people, I was looking for a school to practice my English speaking on a daily basis. They have different classes with different levels. Some focus on grammar, idioms, vocabulary and others mainly on conversation.If you want to improve your English, do not hesitate to try a class (for free)! I feel totally safe there and I'm not afraid of making mistakes anymore because the teachers are very supportive. Also, I'd like to add that it's a great opportunity to meet people from everywhere, taking time to discover different cultures or ways of thinking. My teacher is used to saying "I don't even need to travel anymore because I can have a feeling of every country here". The classes have been helping me a lot for sure.
See you soon.

- Greg T.

"I want to say a huge 'Thank you' as I was accepted to the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Cinematography Program at the American Film Institute. Without your help and support, it wouldn't be possible. I don't have enough words to express how grateful I am for your desire to help and care for your students. Now you can advertise yourself as a school that prepares aspiring students for Master’s Degrees at the world’s best universities! I have already told all of my friends about your wonderful school with amazing, dedicated teachers and personal approach!

We made it!!!!"

- Olesya S. from Russia

"Thank you for all your help!  God bless you for teaching me English and all the tools that help me every day in my life."

- Criss M. from Mexico

"I like Build My English because it has small classes, warm-blooded teachers, cheerful employees and light fees.  I’d advise anyone to take classes there.  I just want to say 'Thank you!'

- Serkan U. from Turkey

Dear Richard!

I want to thank build My English for all the support and caring teachers and staff…

I’m so happy that I could find such an awesome class…
Thank you for all the help and encouragement and for making it such comfortable environment...

- Pan from Iran


I am very happy to have chosen this school, my teacher Sandy perfectly dominates all the subjects of the book and she has a lot of patience teaching us and knows how to reach all the students to learn better !!! Also the price is super economic for all the teaching that we offer !!

- Maca from Peru

"This is a better place to learn good and real English. You practice your English in real time. The classes are really entertaining. You never get bored. The teachers are really nice and they have knowledge. People are really kind and they make you feel at home.  If you want to learn English a better way, you have to come here.  The thing that you need to do is take three classes, and I know you're gonna love it!"

- Ely R. from Colombia 


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