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A "Silent" Letter in a Word

A "silent" letter in a word is a letter that we don't pronounce.

For example, in the words "bite," "cake," and "cute," the "e" is silent.

In the words "boat," "leap," and "coal," the "a" is silent.

But how about the letter "b"? How many words can you think of that have a silent "b"?

Here are some: bomb, comb, tomb, womb, climb, debt, numb, subtle, limb, thumb, succumb, dumb, doubt, crumb, lamb, doubt, & plumber.

Try to pronounce them. If you have questions, enter the words into an online dictionary, such as, and listen to their pronunciation.

Do you know what the meanings of "tomb," "womb," "numb," "subtle," and "succumb" are?

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