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The Word "Get"

The word "get" (or a form of the word "get") can be used in many different ways. Here are 57:

get married, get divorced, get angry, get tired, gets dark, get lost, get up, get out more, get better, get worse, gotten more expensive, gotten safer, get going, get together, get home, get to school, get to work, get to the bus station, get here, get there, get an email, get a present, get (good or bad) grades, get an award, get a shipment, get a job, get an apartment, get it, get it for a good price, get along with, get into, get around, get around to it, get along, get across, get into, get across, get ahead, get at, get away, get away with, get back, get back at, get on, get off, get in, get into, get off, get out, get over, get to, get back, get back at, get away, get away with, get behind, & get through

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