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Words About the Numbers 1-to-5

1. Mono--- one a. monopoly--- one company that is able to control all sales of a product or service, such as a (landline) telephone company, a cable TV company, or a water and power company b. monologue--- a long speech by one person

2. Bi--- two a. bicycle--- transportation on two wheels b. bicentennial--- something that happens every two hundred years

3. Tri--- three a. tricycle--- transportation for a child on three wheels b. tripod--- a device with three legs that holds a camera

4. Quad--- four a. quadrilateral--- a four-sided figure in geometry b. quadruplets--- four babies born to the same mother in one pregnancy

5. Pent--- five a. pentagon--- a five-sided figure in geometry b. pentathlon--- a track and field event where each person competes in five events

5. Quint--- five a. quintile--- five parts of a who with equal numbers in each b. quintuplets--- five babies born to the same mother in one pregnancy

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