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Everyone vs Every one

Examples of "everyone"

1. Everyone needs to be careful when they cross a street.

2. The teacher said that everyone in the class in the class had to stay after school.

3. Everyone has problems.

Examples of "every one"

1. Every one of my friends think that I'm a good leader.

2. Every one of the items on the teacher's list needed to be completed.

3. Every one of the stars in the sky is extremely far away from Earth.

What's the difference between "everyone" and "every one"?

"Everyone" is a pronoun: it refers to all of the people who you are talking about.

In the two words, "every one," "every" is an adverb that answers the question, "How many?" "One" is a pronoun. "Every one" can refer to either people or things. It also means "all." "Every one" is almost always followed by a prepositional phrase that describes the group that you are talking about.

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