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Do these words all mean the same thing?

Do these words all mean the same thing?

evade, elude, avoid, bypass, deceive

Evade--- To get around or escape by being clever

1. He evaded paying taxes by hiding his income in the Cayman Islands.

2. He evaded the police by getting plastic surgery done on his face.

Elude--- Similar to "evade. " To escape or avoid being found (out) by being clever.

1. He eluded police by changing cars three times during his escape.

2. His drug habit eluded detection because he bribed the medical staff each time a blood or urine sample was taken.

Avoid--- To get out of the way

1. She avoided seeing her ex-boyfriend because she felt uncomfortable around him.

2. He avoided an accident by putting on his brakes quickly.

Bypass--- To get around an obstacle

1. They bypassed traffic by driving fifty miles out of their way.

2. He bypassed his boss and took his complaint straight to the company president.

Deceive--- To trick or lie

1. He avoided going to jail by deceiving the jurors.

2. The politician deceived the interviewer by saying that he would like to answer questions but that he had to rush out to check on his sick daughter.

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