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The Parts of Speech

StartFragmentThe Parts of Speech

1. Noun 2. Pronoun 3. Verb 4. Adjective 5. Adverb 6. Preposition 7. Conjunction 8. Interjection 9. Article

Why is it useful for us to know about the parts of speech?

1. It helps people understand that there are different forms of a word.


bright--- an adjective

brightly--- an adverb

brightness--- a noun

2. It helps people understand why a different form of a word needs to be used.


"He has a France accent." If you gave that answer, your teacher would likely say, "You need a word that describes the word, "accent." That means you need an adjective instead of the noun, "France." The sentence should say, "He has a French accent."

3. It helps people understand other changes that need to be made in their writing.


A. Use more adjectives when you write because they create word pictures for your readers.

B. The first noun usually goes before the first verb in a sentence, but the first verb usually goes before the first noun in a question.

Can you think of other reasons why it's important to understand the parts of speech.


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