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Want to Improve Your Speaking?

Our classes focus on helping you speak better.  If you want to use the right words and the right verb tenses with good pronunciation, we can help you a lot!


Want to Be in a Small Class?

People learn the best when they try to speak and others gently correct them.  That’s how children learn.  In our small classes, you can speak and our excellent teachers gently correct you!  


Want to Get a Better Job?

The best way to earn more money in your job is to improve your English!  Getting speaking practice in small groups of people with similar ability is the best way to improve your English.


Want to Pay a Low Price?

We have by far the lowest prices of any school with small classes and students of similar abilities.  Check around!


Want to Learn As Fast As Possible?

We offer high-quality private English tutoring at very low prices.  You can even work with one other person for the same low price and share the cost!




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